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YPI-Version- 0.2

                                        Syllabus for Yoga Protocol Instructor

                   1.  Name of the certification: Yoga Protocol Instructor
                   2.  Requirement/ Eligibility:
                          a.  For open candidates there is no eligibility criteria
                          b.  For admission in the course it is suggested/ desired that the candidate should have
                              passed  10   standard  /  secondary  school  certificate  from  a  recognized  board  or
                              equivalent.  However, the Yoga Institutions can define their own eligibility
                   3.  Brief  Role  Description:  Certified  Yoga  Professionals  (Yoga  Protocol  Instructor)  can
                       teach basics of Yoga / common Yoga protocol developed by the Ministry of AYUSH for
                       International Day of Yoga for prevention of diseases and promotion of health. They can
                       conduct Yoga practice /classes in parks, societies, RWA etc.
                   4.  Minimum age: No age limit
                   5.  Personal Attributes:  The job requires individual to have good communication skills,
                       time management skills and ability to understand the body language of the trainees. The
                       job  requires  individual  to  possess  key  qualities  such  as  self  discipline,  confidence,
                       maturity, patience, compassion, active listening, time management, empathetic, language
                   6.  Credit points for certificate : 12 credits
                   7.  Duration of course: Not less than 200 hours or not less than 3 month as part time or not
                       less than 1 month as full time course.
                   8.  Mark Distribution:
                       Total Marks: 200 (Theory: 60 + Practical: 140)

                      Unit      Unit name                                                       Marks
                      1         Introduction to Yoga and Yogic Practices                              20
                      2         Introduction to Yoga Texts                                            20
                      3         Yoga for Health Promotion                                             20
                                Total                                                                 60

                                     S No.    Practical Work                  Marks
                                     1        Demonstration Skills            80
                                     2        Teaching Skills                 40
                                     3        Application of knowledge        10
                                     4        Field Experience                10
                                              Total                           140
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